Burwood Brewing

Our Beers

Sling Shot Pale Ale

ABV 5.9%     IBU  38

This golden pale ale is medium bodied and full of flavor! A blend of three of our favorite hops (Sultana, Azacca and Idaho 7) which provides light notes of earl gray resin balanced by tropical citrus and pineapple. Come enjoy this pale ale before it’s gone!

Lawn Mower Blonde

ABV 5.3%     IBU  20

Golden in color, hints of light biscuit with a crisp, dry finish. Low bitterness levels make this American classic the perfect summertime beer.

Speltrus Ale

ABV 4.8%     IBU  27

Made with Spelt, a hard-grained heirloom wheat. Historians believe the first beer ever made was from this grain. Mild nutty flavors backed by hops providing tangy grapefruit citrus notes. 

The Antidote

ABV  4.8%     IBU  16

We all need a little help with this pandemic, so why not try our Antidote? If you like the AMERICAN LAGER beers like the ones that used to be brewed in large, now closed breweries of Seattle or Olympia then this is the beer for you!

The Fang IPA

ABV 7.2%    IBU 86

This West Coast IPA “THE FANG” has a nice bite to it! The beer explodes with floral and citrus flavors, thanks to the generous amount of Amarillo and Sultana hops.

The Joose Hazy IPA

ABV 6.7%    IBU 61

This juicy IPA is bursting with citrus, peach and tropical fruit flavors and aromas. The soft and smooth mouthfeel keeps your senses heightened to allow the full experience of wave after wave of juicy hop goodness.

Hefe Weizen

ABV 4.8%  IBU 20

This American style Hefe Weizen has plenty of citrusy hops to balance the generous dose of wheat malt. Bravo hops provide enough balance for the bready wheat that you can skip the slice of lemon.

Irish Red Ale

ABV  5.5%     IBU  25

This sessionable RED ALE has a pleasant maltiness that is complemented by a gentle bitterness that finishes dry. Notes of caramel and roast make for a smooth long finish.

Hop Locker IPA

ABV  6.4%     IBU  65

Golden copper, medium bodied IPA with a crisp mouthfeel that dominates with citrus peel, pine and luscious tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Finishes firm, clean and hoppy.


ABV 4.9%   IBU 32

Burwood Pilsner reveals a delicious hop bouquet of citrus and herbs that are followed by bright grains and honey. A blast of lemon zest and honeysuckle meets a barrage of bright malty goodness. The final sip delivers a harmonious blend of fragrant hops, bready malt with a rich golden color.