Burwood Brewing

Our Beers


ABV  7.3%     IBU  24

Burwood Doppelbock delivers loads of rich, dark malty pleasure in every pour. Toffee, caramel and bready notes mingle with dark, fruity hints of plum, raisin and fig. The velvety smooth texture, deep mahogany color and gentle bitterness belies its inherent might. Enjoy a Burwood Doppelbock and keep the fire stoked on those cold nights.


ABV  4.9%     IBU  22

Burwood’s Munich style dunkel is smooth, rich and complex with a dry finish. Notes of toasted bread and nutty-sweet malt dominate this medium bodied deep chestnut colored beer. Noble type hops provide a gentle balanced bitterness that still allows the richness of the Munich malt to shine.

Hop Locker IPA

ABV  6.4%     IBU  65

Golden copper, medium bodied IPA with a crisp mouthfeel that dominates with citrus peel, pine and luscious tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Finishes firm, clean and hoppy.

Black Beer (Schwarzbier)

ABV 5.5%    IBU 31

This black as night offering might look like a stout or porter but this beer has complex aromas and flavors in this“adult chocolate milk” of the beer world. Earthy, roasty aromas yield to flavors of fresh cream, cocoa and vanilla with a balanced zestiness from the hops. The rich breadyness drives on and on with dark fruit characteristics along the way. This medium body black beer embodies a clean, dry finish.


Pale Ale (dry-hopped)

ABV 5.5%    IBU 37

This pale bronze ale dazzles the eyes while the fragrance of citrus fruits mingle with faint aromas of biscuits and honey. The crisp dry malt is lifted by a pronounced dose of aromatic cascade hops. Grapefruit aromas are emphasized by a generous dose of dry hopped cascades.


ABV 4.9%   IBU 30

Burwood Pilsner reveals a delicious hop bouquet of citrus and herbs that are followed by bright grains and honey. A blast of lemon zest and honeysuckle meets a barrage of bright malty goodness. The final sip delivers a harmonious blend of fragrant hops, bready malt with a rich golden color.



ABV 7.2%    IBU 86

Ours is a bona fide West Coast American IPA.  Lots of citrus, pine and stone fruit hop character to match the complexity of the grains.  Light copper in color and well balanced.