Fat Albino

ABV 5.4%    IBU 23

Burwood Brewing and Big House Brewing worked together with Walla Walla Roastery for this head scratcher of a beer. It’s a golden colored “stout” beer made with oats, lactose, Walla Walla Roastery coffee and cocoa nibs. We replaced the roasted grain that is typically used to to give flavors of coffee, chocolate and roast. This brew is full bodied, deep golden in color with smooth and flavorful layers of mocha caffe latte and cookie dough.


ABV 5.2%   IBU 25

Bleek, meaning pale in Dutch, blends soft, mild caramel flavors with a light breadiness and notes of ripe pears to produce a honey-like smoothness.  Restraint in the addition of locally grown Tettnang hops offers a delicate balance to the malt in this copper hued sessionable Flemish style pale ale.