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Fat Albino

ABV 5.4%    IBU 23

Burwood Brewing and Big House Brewing worked together with Walla Walla Roastery for this head scratcher of a beer. It’s a golden colored “stout” beer made with oats, lactose, Walla Walla Roastery coffee and cocoa nibs. We replaced the roasted grain that is typically used to to give flavors of coffee, chocolate and roast. This brew is full bodied, deep golden in color with smooth and flavorful layers of mocha caffe latte and cookie dough.


ABV 5.2%   IBU 25

Bleek, meaning pale in Dutch, blends soft, mild caramel flavors with a light breadiness and notes of ripe pears to produce a honey-like smoothness.  Restraint in the addition of locally grown Tettnang hops offers a delicate balance to the malt in this copper hued sessionable Flemish style pale ale.

Stone Cold Thief IPA

ABV  6%     IBU  73

This is a collaboration with us and Hop Thief Taphouse & Kitchen, soon to be opening in December 2019. A generous addition of Sultana hops offers bursts of juicy pineapple with intense blasts of tropical and citrus flavors from a large dose of Amarillo and Simcoe CRY)-Hops. A smooth, golden-hued malt profile allows the hops to “steal the show” in this hop-forward IPA.

Black Beer (Schwarzbier)

ABV 5.5%    IBU 31

This black as night offering might look like a stout or porter but this beer has complex aromas and flavors in this“adult chocolate milk” of the beer world. Earthy, roasty aromas yield to flavors of fresh cream, cocoa and vanilla with a balanced zestiness from the hops. The rich breadyness drives on and on with dark fruit characteristics along the way. This medium body black beer embodies a clean, dry finish.



ABV 4.9%   IBU 32

Burwood Pilsner reveals a delicious hop bouquet of citrus and herbs that are followed by bright grains and honey. A blast of lemon zest and honeysuckle meets a barrage of bright malty goodness. The final sip delivers a harmonious blend of fragrant hops, bready malt with a rich golden color.